News and Articles About The Dogs

The Men’s Best Friend did not get their title for nothing. Dogs are with us for more than 15 000 years and have been selectively bred for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes. From hunting to aiding the disabled people, dogs are influented a lot of aspects of our lives and they definitely all go to Heaven.

News And Articles About The Cats

They have nine lives. They are great hunters. They are the most dexterous creatures on Earth. From superstition to High Society they enrich our lives in numerous ways. Yes, we are talking about their Majesty – Cats.

News And Articles About The Aquarums

Freshwater or Seawater, bowl or tank, one fish or luxuriant ecosystem, Aquariums are one of the most beatiful and appealing decorations that your home can have. 

News And Articles About The Birds

Bird as a pet is friendly, gently and very well suited as a companion. They are highly visible and common animals and humans have had a relationship with them since the dawn of man.

News And Articles About The Exotic Pets

An exotic pet is relatively rare or unusual to keep, or is generally thought of as a wild species rather than as a domesticated pet. They have the same needs as they would in the wild so caring for them properly can be difficult. 

News And Articles About The Reptiles

Reptiles appear to have increased in popularity as pets, and they are definitely very enchanting friends. But before deciding to get a reptile pet, do plenty of research, as they can have more complex needs than your usual domestic pet. 

News And Articles About The Horses

Horses can be one the best pets for anyone to have. They are intelligent, obedient, friendly, understanding, compassionate, even-tempered, loyal, trustworthy, and beautiful. Horses need lots of space to roam, eat A LOT, and have great personalities.