How Long Can You Leave Pet Mice Home Alone?

Pet mice

You’ve probably never thought of it before, but pet mice are actually pretty smart. They have complex social structures. They are fast learners and can even be trained to do tricks like fetching objects. Or turning on lights. But when it comes to leaving them home alone for extended periods—like while you’re on vacation—they’re not quite as self-sufficient. At least, not as dogs or cats are. Does that mean you can’t leave your little rodent friend at home by himself? Not at all! Following the tips below, he’ll be fine without your supervision for a few days.

How long can you leave pet mice home alone?

How long can you leave pet mice, or any other small pets, home alone? Well, it depends on the type of mouse and how old it is. An older mouse can be left alone for a shorter period of time than a younger mouse. If you leave your pet at home while you’re away, ensure they have food and water in their cage and enough room to move around comfortably.

How do you know if a mouse needs to be left alone?

If your mouse has been alone for more than three hours and it’s not sleeping, it’s time to check in on them! They’re probably okay if awake and active (not lethargic or unresponsive). However, if they appear depressed or angry, they may need extra attention from you.

What should you do if your mouse is alone for a few days?

If you leave your pet mouse alone for more than a few days, it must have everything they need. This includes:

Water and food 

Ensure that the bowls have fresh water and enough food in their bowl to avoid running out before you return. When checking on them in person or via camera, look at how much food is in a bowl. If there isn’t much left over from one mealtime, but there’s still plenty for another (and then some), this could mean something bad has happened to your pet mouse! Don’t take any chances. Take him straight to a vet if this happens!

A clean cage

If possible, give your pet mice toys or things like cardboard boxes or paper bags, so he/she has something fun to chew on while being alone at home with no one else around except maybe another pet mouse who lives nearby…but since I’ve never heard of anyone having two pets like these before (or even just one!), let’s just assume there aren’t any other pets around either way…so back onto topic: make sure both cages have plenty of bedding material inside them so animals won’t feel uncomfortable sleeping anywhere near dirty surfaces where bacteria might thrive.

Is it okay to house different types of mice together?

The short answer is no. Mice are social animals and should not be housed together unless they are of the same species. Even then, mice can still fight and bite each other, so it’s best to keep them separate until you’re sure they will get along.

Mice are territorial animals that do not like sharing their space with others of their kind if they don’t have to. Even if you do manage to get two mice from different litters or bloodlines (which is rare) who seem friendly enough around each other as babies, there’s no way for you to know how things will go when those babies grow up into adults with different personalities. And who knows what might happen?

If your male mouse has been alone for a while and seems lonely without company or attention from humans or other pets in your house (or maybe even just another mouse), then yes: introducing him into an existing female’s cage would probably be fine…but only if she doesn’t mind having him around!

The answer to “how long can you leave pet mice home alone” depends

The answer to “How long can you leave pet mice home alone?” depends on the type of mouse and how old it is.

If you have a young, healthy mouse that does not need to be left alone for longer than a few days (and even then, only if there are other mice in the cage), then there should be no problem leaving them home alone for short periods. However, if your mouse is older or has special needs (such as medical problems or pregnancy), it may be best not to leave them unattended.

Finding out if your pet will be okay without food and water while you’re gone. Some pets require additional care when left without these essentials!


Mice can be left alone for up to two weeks. After that, it’s best to bring them back into your home. If you plan on leaving your mouse alone for more than a week or two, we recommend getting a second cage with all its supplies so the animal has something familiar in its new surroundings. Mice are social creatures and need attention from their owners. However, if you plan ahead with proper caretaking, then your pet will be fine!